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Peach County Board of Tax Assessors

The Peach County Board of Assessors is responsible for the preparation of the annual real and personal property tax digest in compliance with the laws of Georgia. The board strives to create a yearly digest that will instill and maintain confidence in all property valuations through fairness and uniformity for all taxpayers. Peach County has an approximate parcel count of 13,850, and covers 151.1 square miles.


The Board of Assessors is a five-member board appointed for four year terms by the Peach County Commissioners. The current Board members are:

  • Robert Wadell, Chairman
  • George Hamilton, Vice Chairman
  • Bob Marchman
  • Clifford Ponder
  • Wayne Lettice

The Tax Assessor’s office is responsible for investigating and inquiring about the ownership of all property within the county for the purposes of determining what real and personal property is subject to taxation, and to require the proper return of the property for taxation in Peach County. Property is reviewed annually to meet state mandated digest requirements.

The Board of Assessors and its appraisers are also required to keep up with technology, changing tax codes, methods, procedures and local property values. The intent is to produce an acceptable property tax digest. Consequently, Peach County is subject to penalties if the Georgia Department of Revenue finds the tax digest to be deficient.

Ultimately, the goal of the Board of Assessors is to apply the property tax code fairly and to reflect goodwill, temperance, and fairness in carrying out its duties.

Members of the Board of Assessors also pledge to support, encourage and cooperate with the County Commissioners, the Board of Equalization, and the Tax Commissioner’s Office in discharging the joint duties of these agencies and working together for the common good of the county.

The following information is furnished by the Peach County Board of Tax Assessors and is not intended to be a statement of law. It is solely for the purpose of assisting Peach County property owners.

The Board of Tax Assessors, an independent body appointed by the Board of Commissioners, is responsible for placing a fair and equalized value on all taxable property. The Board of Commissioners sets the millage rate. The billing and collection of taxes is the responsibility of the Tax Commissioner.

Jan. 1 of each year is the assessment date in Georgia. Accordingly, all property must be valued for ad valorem taxes based on its condition and use as of Jan. 1.

The Georgia Public Revenue Code provides property owners the opportunity to furnish relevant information about their property via the Real Property Tax Return. Returns must be filed with the Tax Assessor’s Office between Jan. 1 and April 1 each year. Returns must be filed if:

  • You made any changes during the previous year that would affect the value of your property such as building or demolishing a house, remodeling, adding pools and decks, etc.;
  • You wish to split or combine parcels; and/or
  • You wish the Tax Assessors’ to review the assessed value of your property.

If you acquired property by transfer during the previous year and no subdivision or improvements have been made to the property during the year of transfer, you are not required to file a property tax return if a properly completed PT-61 Real Estate Transfer Tax Form was filed with the Clerk of Superior Court and the tax is paid.

Applications for Homestead, School Tax and Disability Exemptions must be filed by April 1st each year with the Assessor’s Office. Questions concerning these matters should be directed to the Assessor’s Office at 478-825-5924.

You may file Real Property Returns at the Tax Assessor’s Office at 205 West Church St. Suite 221, Fort Valley, Ga. 31030. In addition to the Real Property Return, the following Reporting Forms must be submitted to the Board of Tax Assessors’ Office between Jan. 1 and April 1, each year for the identification of all such assets:

  • Business Personal Property;
  • Boats and/or Motors;
  • Airplanes; and/or
  • Agricultural/Farm Personal Property.


If you are a manufacturer or distributor with inventory held in Peach County, you may be eligible for Freeport exemption. To determine if you qualify and to obtain an exemption application, please contact our office at 478-825-5924. In accordance with state law, Freeport applications must be timely filed including completed schedules. Applications must be filed by April 1 to be considered for full exemption. Applications received after April 1 and by June 1 may be eligible for exemption at a significantly reduced percentage. Failure to file the application with completed schedules by June 1 shall constitute a waiver of the entire exemption for the year. Personal Property Reporting Forms and Applications for Freeport Exemption may be filed at the Tax Assessors, 205 W. Church Street, Suite 221, Fort Valley, Ga. 31030

Board of Tax Assessors
205 W. Church Street, Suite 221
Fort Valley, Ga. 31030
Fax: (478)825-2678