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Welcome to the Jones County Assessors Office Web Site!

Our office is open to the public from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.The goal of the Jones County Assessors Office is to provide the people of Jones County with a web site that is easy to use. You can search our site for a wealth of information on any property in Jones County.

The information contained herein reflects the values established in the “most current published” tax digest. *Please note that the Assessors Office establishes values only. The Jones County Tax Commissioner should be contacted with tax bill related questions.

Did you know?
Jones County, the 30th county formed in Georgia, was created in 1807. Originally part of Baldwin County, it was named for James Jones, an early Georgia Congressman and a member of the State Constitutional Convention of 1798.

Clinton, established in 1809, was a center for New England settlers whose influence is reflected in the architecture of the town. The houses stand close to the streets which fan out from a central square. At one time, this was the fourth largest city in the state. Clinton was one of 187 inactive municipalities to lose its charter in 1995, as a result of a 1993 Act of the General Assembly.

The town of Gray was originally known as James in honor of the man whose land it was on, James H. Blount. It was changed to Gray to honor James Madison Gray, a major financier of the Confederacy.

The Ocmulgee River, the restored Jarrell Plantation, and the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge are located in the county. Jarrell Plantation is a State Historic Site within the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge.

There are several festivals in Jones County including Old Clinton War Days, Sheep to Shawl Day, and Family Farm Day.