Appeal Taxes


1. When you receive your Notice of Assessment

During the summer months (April-June) of each year, each property owner will receive a Notice of Assessment. The notice will include your current year’s value, the previous year’s value as well as the 40% assessed value. You have 45 days to alert the county of your intentions to appeal with a simple, state-wide appeal form.

2. Will the Board of Assessors notify me?

Yes, the BOA will notify you a few months after you send in your state-wide appeal form. They may deny your appeal (most common) or offer you a new value. If a new value is offered, please contact our office immediately to discuss. If your appeal was denied, you do nothing. A Board of Equalization hearing date and time will be mailed to you three weeks before the actual hearing. The entire process takes 8-14 months.

3. I received my hearing date, now what?

Call, email, or fax your hearing date information to your local tax appeal agent. Please do not wait until a week before your hearing to make first contact. While we have handled many last minute hearings successfully, we prefer to have as much time as possible to prepare for your case.